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CF Competition Training

The United States Skydiving Team has been comprised of CF Specialists instructors since 1990.  CF Specialists Instructors dominated the selection for the US Teams during the 2003 and 2005 National Skydiving Championships winning all CF events to become the first team to do so in the history of CF competition.  Our team then went on to set world records in both the 2004 World Meet in Croatia and the 2005 US National Skydiving Championships.  By staying up to date with the latest and most efficient flying methods we can more easily train your team with the best training methods to date.  Our training starts with CF Equipment, Classroom Theory, and CF Safety.  We then move on to actual training beginning with the basic 2-way moves and advancing to higher levels in the discipline of your choice. 


2-Way Sequential *  4-Way Rotations * 4-way Sequential

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