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About Canopy Formation Specialists

Canopy Formation Specialists (CFS) is the world’s leading provider of military and civilian skydiving instructions, demonstrations and world records.


During our 20+ years of training we have developed the most in depth CF training courses in existence today. These courses include CF safety, equipment selection, and training techniques from beginner to advanced. We routinely take inexperienced skydivers with 0-100 jumps and train them to become a seasoned CF team capable of executing demonstrations jumps at the end of their first year of training.

We are the only CF training group capable of teaching demonstration teams, competition teams and large formation groups using the latest techniques which have been developed over the last 20 years by our CFS instructors.

Military teams around the world as well as US military units including US SF teams, US Navy Seal teams, SOCOM and JSOC have used civilian parachute training companies for the last 10 years due to the higher level of experience of their instructors for skydiving and canopy training.

During our 20+ years of instruction we have trained both civilian and military teams around the world to take gold, silver and bronze medals at various world skydiving championships including the 2016 World Skydiving Championships and the 2019 US National Skydiving Championships.

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